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Wealth of Experience:
A Fresh Approach

Elite Buildings is part of the Stuart Group of companies and works closely with Main Design & Build, which works at the heavy weight end of the industry. Elite can draw on the combined wisdom of a team of highly experienced and expert staff.

Sandy Stuart, the company's founder, has worked for over twenty years in the industry, building everything from grain stores to car showrooms, sports facilities to offices and any type of warehousing you could mention. Underpinning his experience is that of the design and build team, who have all worked in construction for many years.

We have learnt the fundamental importance of flexibility and aim to provide the customer with the solution that they want. Elite Buildings enables us to cater for our customer needs on a new level, through our light weight build solution. We have increased our customers' choice of structure and can offer a supply-only service at one end right up to a full project management service at the other.

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Economic Shield
In tough times, the tough get going. With costs driven down to a recession busting, all time low, arguably, you may never have a better opportunity to order that new steel building.

Why choose light weight steel?

Elite offers an off-the-shelf service: our structures are prefabricated yet customised to your individual specification, delivered on-site ready for erection = by you or by the Elite team. The process takes weeks rather than months - enabling us to help you identify and meet your construction need quickly.

How does it all fit together?
Choosing and taking delivery of your Elite building is the easy part! Getting started is the area in which you may have questions or concerns and this is where Elite can really add value to your building project. We can help you pull together a project management plan, preparing drawings, guiding you through the planning process and giving you the tools to take control of your project, with the benefit of our expert insider knowledge.